The Department for International Development (DfID) committed to helping 60 million gain access to clean water and sanitation by March 2020. The focus is on reaching women and children in fragile states who are also affected by severe malnutrition and stunting. CHC worked with Oxfam GB in a bid to secure Oxfams involvement in the DfID’s 2020 WASH Challenge.
The strategy included an increased focus on Nutrition Sensitive WASH programming. As part of this strategy CHC created frameworks for theories of change that would lead to WASH programme adaptation . Nutrition based indicators were given priority and the target group was narrowed to look primarily at infants and their care-givers. Preliminary studies by CHC looked into Multiple Use Water Supply (MUS) in rural dryland areas, sanitation and hygiene in rural villages and centres, and Urban WASH – all the while focusing on Nutrition based outcomes and objectives. These findings were used to inform the strategy.

Presentation of WASH 2020 analysis and concepts-dft2 Aug 2016.pdf

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