A systematic assessment of the WASH in Emergencies sector in Indonesia
Year : 2020 - 2021
Country(ies) : Indonesia

UNICEF is supporting the Government of Indonesia to conduct a systematic assessment including detailed mapping and after-action review of the WASH emergency preparedness, response, and functioning of WASH Cluster coordination mechanisms during medium to large scale natural disaster emergencies, including the recent COVID-19 global pandemic in Indonesia.

Indonesia is highly vulnerable to natural risks such as earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, and tropical cyclones. In 2018, four major natural disasters impacted Indonesia in a big way; these being an earthquake in Lombok, an earthquake followed by a tsunami in Central Sulawesi; a volcano eruption followed by a landslide, and a tsunami in Banten and Lampung; and a landslide in Sukabumi. The WASH cluster coordination approach was first activated during this response period and later again in 2020 as part of the WASH response efforts for the COVID-19 pandemic.

CHC with the help of  PT. PREDIKT Tangguh Indonesia was consulted to carry out the assessment; a systematic study of the existing WASH cluster coordination structure and participatory after-action review of past emergency preparedness and response activities in Indonesia from the period 2018- 2020.

The objectives were:

  • To undertake a bottleneck analysis and documentation of gaps, best practices, and lessons learned from past emergency responses with a focus on WASH emergency coordination, preparedness, and response effectiveness through a detailed mapping and after-action review.
  • To develop detailed recommendations with a clear plan of action and roadmap, jointly agreed by all relevant stakeholders for establishing a dedicated WASH Cluster and Coordination system at national and sub-national levels through an institutional triggering exercise.
  • To develop a capacity-building plan for the sector, jointly agreed by all stakeholders by undertaking a detailed capacity assessment of key WASH actors.

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