Analysis of DFID-Zimbabwe Partners and Interventions Targeting Nutrition Components Towards Developing a Roadmap for Change
Year : March - September 2020
Country(ies) : Zimbabwe

To support Department for International Development (DFID) Zimbabwe to understand how effectively partners are achieving an impact on nutrition through their delivery design, monitoring systems and strategic approach to coordination with other actors; through a technical assessment of the delivery approaches and standards DFID’s implementing partners (IPs) have used to date, and subsequently identify recommended changes or new catalytic avenues in the operational, internal or intervention design which should help improve health services and nutrition outcomes.

The objective of this assignment was to support DFID Zimbabwe to consider how partners could improve their nutrition impact through improving their delivery design, monitoring systems and strategic approach to coordination

To Support UNICEF to ‘tell the nutrition story more effectively’ through data and reporting, building on initial discussions held in Phase 1, through a series of conversations to provide technical assistance on how to provide coherent reporting, data coordination and potential missed synergies on nutrition activities and results (SRHS).

Supported discussions on integrating the Care Group Model within the Ministry of Health; included strategy and planning on the best approach to exit LFSP Care Group Model support with LFSP, Ministry of Health and UNICEF:

  • To determine what is the best way to strengthen the ‘Baby First’ model adopted by the Ministry through more effective community health systems.
  • Which elements are most critical for child health and family nutrition. This was carried out through consulting and convening relevant actors to critically examine how the CGM should form part of the community health system and what is the best approach to run these to help the Ministry take these on, especially in the absence of significant funding.

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