BRCiS Learning and Adaptive programming approach

BRCiS (Building Resilient Communities in Somalia), is a  Humanitarian Consortium that takes a holistic approach to supporting Somali Communities in developing their capacity to resist and absorb minor shocks without undermining their ability to move out of poverty. CHC worked with BRCiS Consortium to ensure that through effective learning and adaptive management they challenge their thinking and practices to best serve vulnerable people in Somalia. The intention was to achieve a Learning and Adaptive Culture and Continuous Improvement Environment.

CHC used mentoring, facilitation and coaching techniques to strengthen the culture of experiential learning amongst individual staff at all levels of the organization, consortium partners, the CMU(Central  and the consortium system. CHC strived to help to build BRCiS into a community of learning that is motivated, creative and has open and honest communication.

The objectives were to define and develop: Learning, theory and Strategy, Governance, Embeddedness and Inclusion – open spaces for diverse communities inside and outside of the consortium, Management Systems, Research, Knowledge Management and Communication, and Learning to Action to strengthen the programme teams’ capacity to transfer learning to action.


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