Designing Nutrition Resilience (SNS and BRCiS Review Study)

Year : 2016
Countries : Somalia

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Nutrition Resilience is the concept that good nutrition results in a more resilient person or household and Resilience for Nutrition is the concept that a resilient person or household results in good nutrition. CHC worked with Save the Children to redefine the model for aid in Somalia using evidence of local models of What Works and by breaking down system-wide barriers to using longer-term thinking and context-specific approaches.

CHC work included the following:

  • Documenting gaps, missed opportunities and relevant lessons learned from Strengthening Nutrition Security in South Central Somalia (SNS) and Building Resilient Communities in Somalia (BRCis)
  • Recommending ways of integrating Nutrition and Resilience initiatives and strengthening impact moving forward to subsequent proposals and plans
  • Identifying current BRCis and SNS work and activities that present sound action research opportunities towards strengthening integration and improving nutrition outcomes
  • Recommending that BRCiS and SNS use the findings to inform potential next phase proposals and plans, towards fostering greater integration between Nutrition and Resilience programs and enhance nutritional outcomes
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