EARF concept note

Year : 2020
Countries : Kenya

An effective COVID-19 response in East Africa requires rapid evidence generation and synthesis across multiple disciplines and sectors that leads to the delivery of usable policy- and practice relevant products. This initiative seeks to establish a research and analysis facility to meet this goal, which would be managed by a consortium consisting of the Centre for Humanitarian Change, and the Rift Valley Institute. The facility is consulting with key decision-makers on an ongoing basis to identify priority evidence and knowledge gaps based on its expertise and networks and is providing a call down facility for DFID Country Offices and other stakeholders.

This facility will have the capacity to meet the diverse and changing range of evidence needs required by the COVID-19 response, using multiple methodological approaches across thematic areas and geographies of interest to convene a wide network of experts, gather data remotely and conduct analysis.

The consortium has been subdivided into several key working groups:

  • Communications.
  • Remittances & Diaspora.
  • Politics & Conflict.
  • Economy & Food Security

An additional group being formed on gender based perspectives related to COVID-19. For a full summary of the meetings see below links:

Africa Voices Webinar:

Somali language Whatsapp info box
Hagaha Coronavirus developed outside of the group, with interface , audio messaging, following WHO guidelines.

Diaspora & Remittances:
Blog posts on remittances & economic impact


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