NAWIRI consortium – Development Food Security Activity (DFSA)
Year : 2019 - 2025
Country(ies) : Kenya

USAID’s Office of Food for Peace recently awarded funding to a Mercy Corps-led consortium of Kenyan and international partners for a 5-year Development Food Security Activity (DFSA) in Turkana and Samburu counties of Kenya. The NAWIRI program will be implemented through a phased approach that emphasizes learning, partnership, and co-creation with government, civil society, communities, and the private sector to drive sustained reductions in acute malnutrition in both counties.   The NAWIRI team is working collaboratively across partners and with county government and other key stakeholders to develop, refine, and ultimately jointly validate a living Learning Agenda that is both realistic and action-oriented. This process will involve a series of iterative activities, beginning with small-group work to surface and prioritize learning questions related to priority thematic areas, followed by a series of consultations, workshops, and additional small-group work to build technical consensus and agreement around a master Learning Agenda.   The team is establishing a core working group with staff drawn from each consortium partner who together possesses the required combination of technical expertise in multiple sectors, context-specific experience, and familiarity with the existing evidence base and its limitations. CHC was consulted as it has an in-depth understanding of the WASH landscape in Kenya, experience and expertise in WASH for nutrition, and strong familiarity with the existing evidence base on the same, particularly as it relates to acute malnutrition in Kenya’s drylands. CHC will lead a small group of consortium partner staff in developing and refining an agenda that will surface evidence and learning to information that contributes to strong, resilient WASH systems for lasting reductions in persistent acute malnutrition in Turkana and Samburu. CHC’s key activities are: – Lead a small group of NAWIRI consortium partner staff in the process of exploring the theme of WASH for sustained reductions in persistent acute malnutrition in Turkana and Samburu. Lead the group in a participatory process–including consultation with external stakeholders–to develop a feasible, evidence-based, and action-oriented learning agenda related to this theme. (Specific guidance to be provided separately) – Provide technical support, as required, to assist NAWIRI in consolidating and refining a technically sound and cohesive master learning agenda. This will include support to ensuring that the proposed learning questions and activities related to WASH complement those proposed for other thematic areas (and vice-a-versa).

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Development of the inception report and Phase One for the WASH Severity Index
Analysis of DFID-Zimbabwe Partners and Interventions Targeting Nutrition Components Towards Developing a Roadmap for Change
Technical Assistance to Strengthen Capabilities (TASC) – Nutrition Information and Analysis Systems in Yemen

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