NRT Water Resource Management

Northern & Coastal Kenya

May 2016 – 2020

The Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT) is a rural resource management organisation which has helped develop resilient community conservancies – promoting peace, transforming people’s lives and conserving natural resources. The Centre for Humanitarian Change (CHC) has embarked on a four-year project with NRT with the aim of improving the water resource management capabilities of these conservancies.

This project has become increasingly significant as the drought in the region worsens and puts increased strain on the resources of these communities – who currently have unreliable water access. These issues are exacerbated by the low capacity in county government and the short-term, reactive outlook of NGOs.  There has been a failure of community management as well as they do not have the required management, technical or financial skills.

The programme will aim to implement a holistic water resource management strategy, form partnerships with the government, NGOs and other actors and improve links between health service workers and water resource managers.

CHC will be primarily involved in the development of sustainable models for management of WASH services, including capacity development for conservancy based staff, and surge models for strengthening system resilience to risks such as drought and conflict. In addition to this, they will be responsible for the design of real-time learning and the documentation of alternative models of service delivery

Having completed preliminary studies and resource mapping, CHC is aiming to move into the operational phase of the programme by the end of the year. 


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