Pastoralist Women and Water: Understanding the ways in which women’s disempowerment contributes to water security risks

Year : 2016 – 2017, 2017 - 2019
Countries : Kenya

From 2016-2019, CHC in partnership with REACH conducted research on pastoralist women in Maasai and Samburu counties, Kenya, exploring the links between women empowerment and water security specifically deep diving into the constraints pastoralists women face regarding access to water and how this affects water security in relation to resource sustainability, inclusive services and sustainable growth. 

The research aimed to enrich the water management model, by informing inclusive water services and sources, ultimately increasing water security for the most vulnerable poor. The project was also intended to influence and improve water security practice through providing valuable insight into how poverty, gender and resource access interest. Through the direct implementation of the research into a water model the project provided recommendations on improving water security for all members of pastoral households on a large scale. A study report and policy brief were produced.


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