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Evaluation of the CMAM Surge Approach ( Concern’s Community-based Management of Acute Malnutrition)

Year : 2018 - 2019
Countries : Ethiopia, Niger

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The CMAM Surge Approach has been developed by Concern Worldwide to help health systems more effectively deliver services for children with acute malnutrition. It is based on the observation that in many contexts the number of children seeking treatment for acute malnutrition tends to peak during certain months of the year. These seasonal ‘surges’ in demand are driven by many overlapping factors, including, for example, the pre-harvest hunger gap, increased incidence of malaria or diarrhea during the rainy season, women’s workload patterns and movements associated with grazing livestock. It is during these caseload surges that the potential to save lives is greatest, yet government health systems and the wider humanitarian sector are often not able to provide a timely, effective response. 

The CMAM Surge Approach outlines a process and set of practical tools to help health facilities and health district teams determine when seasonal caseload surges are likely to occur and to better prepare for and manage services during those periods of high demand. 

CHC’s role was to facilitate, document evaluation and Learning Reviews of the CMAM Surge Approach pilot in Ethiopia and Niger and to lead periodic learning reviews with the Concern Staff, Ethiopian, and Nigerienne Ministry of Health and other stakeholders to inform the scale-up of the approach in each country and globally.

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