Tracking early action to slow onset food crises project

Year : 2021-2022
Countries : Kenya and Somalia

CHC is conducting research on behalf of Save the Children and the University of Edinburgh that will contribute to an enhanced understanding of what is needed at a National or sub-national level to ensure early action. The aim of the research is to generate a detailed understanding of blockers and enablers of early action to slow onset crises at a localised level through: real-time and historic tracking of data sharing, decision making, and action to provide a timeline of the release of information, the decisions and actions of different actors in each context and a mapping of the role of different actors.

The research will be used:

  • As part of new policy document(s) which will follow up on the actions and recommendations made under the ground-breaking Dangerous Delays report published by Save the Children and Oxfam almost 10 years ago, to be published in 2022
  • To inform the work and focus of the newly launched Jameel Observatory for Food Crisis Early Action in East and Southern Africa, which seeks to support locally identified evidence and data gaps to enabling early action through collaboration

CHC will produce a report at the end of April 2022.

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