UNICEF Indonesia WASH Coordination Mechanism Project

Indonesia has a well-developed disaster response framework with established systems for command and coordination of response activities which delivers relief and essential services to affected populations efficiently and effectively. The International humanitarian system has supported the Indonesian government during major, national level, emergencies including activating the cluster coordination mechanism for key sectors. While WASH is recognised as an important sector in the response, WASH responses have been delivered in a fragmented way by multiple actors with limited coordination across the sector.

UNICEF in partnership with CHC and PREDIKT carried out a Systematic assessment of the WASH in Emergencies sector in Indonesia. This study aimed to complete a detailed mapping exercise, after-action review of past responses and gap/bottleneck analysis of the WASH in Emergencies sector in several areas in Indonesia, including the 2018 West Nusa Tenggara earthquakes, the 2018 Central Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami, and the 2020 Jakarta floods, as well as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic response. CHC supported the development of a road map to a better WASH coordination system capacity building plan.


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