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Since 2017, the Cabo Delgado province, located in the north of Mozambique, has been facing an increasing humanitarian crisis caused by ongoing conflict by armed groups. The situation deteriorated significantly in 2020 with increased attacks, internal displaced people (IDPs) and access constraints in the northern districts. In November 2020, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) […]

Somalia is prone to severe drought and the situation is set to become worse due to climate change. This causes significant loss of life, displacement and suffering. Over the last few years, the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS), Federal Member States (FMS) and international partners have developed strategies to mitigate severe food insecurity in Somalia. […]

Indonesia has a well-developed disaster response framework with established systems for command and coordination of response activities which delivers relief and essential services to affected populations efficiently and effectively. The International humanitarian system has supported the Indonesian government during major, national level, emergencies including activating the cluster coordination mechanism for key sectors. While WASH is […]

An effective COVID-19 response in East Africa requires rapid evidence generation and synthesis across multiple disciplines and sectors that leads to the delivery of usable policy- and practice relevant products. This initiative sought to establish a research and analysis facility to meet this goal, which would be managed by a consortium consisting of the Centre […]

As the COVID19 crisis unfolds in Somalia one of the weakest health systems in the word is rapidly reaching its limits, and the economic impacts are already starting to surface mostly due to the global economic impact of the C19 response, particularly for remittances. As the pandemic spreads sick individuals are reported to be choosing […]

CHC supported Department for International Development (DFID) Zimbabwe to understand how effectively partners are achieving an impact on nutrition through their delivery, design, monitoring systems and strategic approach to coordination with other actors. This was done through a technical assessment of the delivery approaches and standards DFID’s implementing partners (IPs) have used to date, and […]

To support to strengthen nutrition information systems in Yemen with support from the United Kingdom Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) in close collaboration with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)/Yemen country office. To review the Nutrition Information and Analysis Systems (NIS) in Yemen through a rapid scoping exercise, an analysis of the pathways of […]

The objectives of this programme was to bring Somalia expertise and voices into the SHARP design process, help partners to develop coherent programme and delivery options and support harmonization across partner programmes for achievement of common impact and outcomes. CHC’s role was to : plan, organize and facilitate consultations, frame documents for each thematic area […]


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