Designing Nutrition Resilience

2015, Nairobi

The Centre for Humanitarian Change aimed to redefine the model for aid in fragile areas using evidence of local models of What Works and by breaking down system wide barriers to using longer term thinking and context specific approaches.

Nutrition Resilience is the concept that good nutrition results in a more resilient person, or household and Resilience for Nutrition is the concept that a resilient person or household results in good nutrition. Interventions to positively influence both concepts consist of using a tri- track approach. The policy brief aims to provide some recommendations on what, who and how nutrition and other sectors could contribute to nutrition resilience. It is suggested below that many aspects of developing nutrition sensitive approaches, effective links to nutrition specific programming and nutrition resilience programming are the same.
The framework is designed to provide support to stakeholders implementing programme's (Nutrition Specific and Sensitive) including elements for Nutrition and Nutrition Resilience. Both the Nutrition Resilience Policy Paper and this framework acknowledge that most activities presently implemented in the ASAL areas have potential to positively impact on nutrition status and nutrition resilience, although often through long and complex causal chains

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