BRCiS & SNS – Somalia Scoping Study


November 2016

The UK Department for International Development (DfID) has funded the BRCiS & SNS Consortia to undertake multi-year resilience and nutrition programming in South Central Somalia for four years (2013-17). Despite both consortia achieving significant results, their respective programmes have been designed and implemented separately from the very beginning. As such there have been many opportunities to collaborate and integrate programme approaches for nutrition and resilience that have been missed during this first phase of programming. The Centre for Humanitarian Change (CHC) was commissioned by the consortia to provide a detailed review / scoping study to identify these missed opportunities and recommend a solution to integrate their nutrition and resilience initiatives.

The report provides an initial overview of the concepts of resilience, nutrition and nutrition sensitivity. It uses an example resilience framework used in East Africa to guide the discussion and widen the perspective to identify the opportunities for increasing focus, synergies and integration and enhanced nutrition and resilience outcomes.

The report also identifies future action research opportunities for the consortia. The main focus of these recommendations was on research that explored the respective benefits of risk-informed and shock-responsive interventions in a resilience context. In addition, they also recommended future research on nutrition-sensitive interventions and its relationship to nutritional status, dietary diversity and women’s empowerment. 

SNS BRCiS Report v11_DTC.pdf

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