Dialogue for Action on Aid Localization in Somalia

Aid localization is crucial in addressing the complex and chaotic humanitarian crisis and development situations globally.

The grand bargain is an agreement entered into by more than 30 of the biggest donors and aid providers at the World Humanitarian Summit in 2016, was the first step in the realizing the localization process. Donors and aid organizations have committed to provide 25 percent of global humanitarian funding to local and national responders by 2020. This agreement will ensure greater predictability and continuity in humanitarian response that incorporates capacity strengthening in partnership agreements, reduce barriers that prevent partnerships between local and national responders with donors as well as enhance collaboration in the international coordination mechanisms.

Somali-led NGOs are looking to paly a greater and more equal role in tackling the humn aitarian crisis in Somalia. A two day dialogue for action on aid localization in Somalia was held in Nairobi aimed at bridging the gaps that exist between local and international actors. It also seeks to create innovative solutions on how different actors can better cooperate and form long-term relationships.

The workshop was organized by the Somali NGO Consortium, the NEAR Network and the Rift Valley Institute and facilitated by the Centre for Humanitarian Change.

Dialogue For Action On Aid Localization In Somalia.pdf


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