Maintaining Essential Services After Natural Disasters (MAINTAINS

Year : 2018 – 2019
Countries : Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and Sierra Leone

MAINTAINS (Maintaining Essential Services After Natural Disasters)

MAINTAINS is focused on covariate shocks (those that affect a large proportion of the population simultaneously). These include shocks from natural hazards such as drought, cyclone, flooding, landslides, earthquakes etc. as well as health-related shocks such as disease outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics. The intended impact of the project is to enable the countries to effectively manage their risk, with essential services able to respond more quickly, more reliably, and at lower cost after a shock.  

This is to result in new knowledge and evidence on shock responsive essential services leading to development of, and investment in, more effective development policies and programmes, by DFID, other donors and partners.

CHC’S role was to: Develop a Country Research Programme, Provide technical, logistical and administrative support in preparation of in country visits, Development of stakeholder mapping and the collection of relevant reports & documents, Interviewing of relevant stakeholders ad informants using the methodology and approach developed, Participating in country meetings and workshops.

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