The Real Time Learning Process – Nutrition (RTLP – N) is a 14 month project that began in May 2015, with technical and funding support from the Department for International Development (DFID) and UNICEF Kenya Nutrition. RTLP-N is being carried out within the Ministry of Health (MoH) led Nutrition Sector by a team from the Centre for Humanitarian Change (CHC). The purpose of RTLP-N is to enhance the extent to which support by partners in the nutrition sector is sustainably strengthening the Nutrition system and more widely the health sector.

The NRTLP entails two cross cutting components:

The first component is a real time consultative process to identify What Works and what are the bottlenecks to integrating nutrition into the health system and strengthening the health system. The consultation has reviewed progress on integration and health system strengthening (HSS) since 2011 looking at approaches to nutrition interventions, activities and systems strengthening support.

The second component is to support the county health and nutrition stakeholders, under the leadership of the County Health Director to develop a real time approach to learning which results in action, leading to a more effective Nutrition Sector support to Health System Strengthening. This component of the project is being piloted within 5 counties with the aim of disseminating the consolidated approach to the broader nutrition sector.

For more on the output and process used in the RTLP-N please click the following link

The Real Time Learning Process – Nutrition 

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