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WASH Nutrition toolkit

Year : 2016
Countries : East and Southern Africa

Evidence for the contribution of WASH to Nutrition outcomes, particularly reducing stunting, has been growing over the last 5 years. The WASH and Nutrition toolkit emerged from consultations with WASH and Nutrition professionals, both within and outside of UNICEF, to learn about their experiences and draw out the good practices on integrated WASH and Nutrition programming. This toolkit gives guidance and tools developed to target key bottlenecks and support UNICEF staff to implement synergized WASH and Nutrition programming. The toolkit has been designed for use in a variety of contexts and can be accessible to a multi-sectoral audience.

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Additional resources:

Case Study Uganda subnational planning wash and nutrition 2016
Case Study 2A - Kenya -adaptive learning in the Nutrition Sector-Final
Case Study: Bangladesh - An integrated Health Nutrition WASH project in a peri-urban area
Case Study Mozambique — Establishing a nutrition task team within UNICEF
Case Study: Mozambique - Promoting healthy lifestyles through ‘model families
Case Study: Somalia - Nutrition during an acute watery diarrhea and cholera outbreak
Case study: Uganda - Integrated emergency response for South Sudanese refugees in Adjumani and Kiryandongo settlements
Case Study: Zambia - WASH in a school health and nutrition program
Case Study on Cambodia WASH and Nutrition working groups
Case Study on Somalia improved Coordination of WASH and Nutrition for increased reach of hygiene services to vulnerable groups
Examples of Theories of-Change-for-Synergized-WASH-and-Nutrition-Programs-ToC
Integrating WASH and Nutrition actions in Indonesia joint analysis for advocacy and influence
Narrative Description Of Theory Of Change For Synergized Wash And Nutrition Programming
Summary of the evidence base for synergized wash and nutrition programming
Examples of Theories of-Change-for-Synergized-WASH-and-Nutrition-Programs-ToC
Tool Activity matrix of emergency actions
Tool Activity matrix of WASH in Nutrition and Nutrition in WASH
Tool Maturity Matrix for monitoring progress to synergized programming
Tool Responsibilities and Accountabilities Matrix
Tool Stakeholder analysis and engagement assessment matrix
Tool Terms of reference for a subnational WASH and Nutrition working group
Tool Supporting an adaptive learning approach
Skills per job description with recommended courses and opportunities
Wash nutrition toolkit glossary


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