Development of a Knowledge Management and Capacity Development Learning Framework for the Regional Durable Solutions Secretariat

This was a consultancy project, commissioned by ReDSS, a coordination and information hub that stimulates forward thinking and policy development on durable solutions for displaced affected communities in East and Horn of Africa. Due to the complexity of programming within the region, ReDSS was keen on developing a learning framework that would incorporate their Knowledge Management (KM) and Capacity Development (CD) functions, to promote constant analysis and deliberate learning towards evidence-based actions that are relevant to the local context. Overall, the aim was to cultivate a culture of learning for REDDs members and other key stakeholders to enhance their collective response to durable solutions.

One of the Centre for Humanitarian Change (CHC) themes is to offer support to identify alternative service delivery models that are adaptive and reflective of the local context enabling a scalable approach towards sustainable delivery of services by translating evidence of what works into action. Therefore, CHC was keen on developing a learning framework that goes beyond conventional KM & CD strategies by holistically looking at how learning in ReDSS is created, analyzed, disseminated, utilized as well as how management and decision-making processes within ReDSS facilitated or hindered learning. This involved not only looking at technical expertise but also “soft skills” such as communication, relationships, values among others. To elicit diverse perspectives, unstructured interviews designed based on KM cycle, were conducted with various ReDSS members and stakeholders. The overall objective was to understand how iterative, participatory and flexible ReDSS learning processes were.

To ensure that the findings and recommendations were reflective of ReDSS context, findings from the consultative process, were collaboratively explored in a 2day learning event. The outcome of this consultancy was a learning framework that included ReDSS learning vision, objectives, outputs, expected outcomes, learning approaches and processes to be used to enhance knowledge management and capacity development. In addition, a monitoring, evaluation and accountability frame that encompassed underlying assumptions, potential risks and proposed mitigation strategies were included. See accompanying “ReDSS Learning Strategic Framework” for details.


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