WASH Nutrition Strategy for South Sudan

March 2018, South Sudan

Nancy Balfour, Director of CHC, developed a strategy for Action Against Hunger in South Sudan that is expected to guide programming for a period of 3 years. In the highly dynamic socio-political situation in the country, strategies should be re-examined and revised at regular intervals. The strategy is based on four main principles: An essential minimum package of integrated services, joint assessment and analysis, Capacity development, cross-sectoral coordination and planning and advocacy

In South Sudan, some actors (including Action Against Hunger) are managing to deliver a multi-sectoral ‘package’ of services especially at the health facility and nutrition sites with WASH messaging, especially good handwashing practice, incorporated in Community Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) activities. This suggests that a strategy for integration that starts with a basic minimum package of integrated services, and including the promotion of ‘small doable WASH actions’ for households to adopt during the implementation of health and nutrition programming may be the most effective. There is also the potential for more co-location of WASH and Nutrition programmes in some areas and better integration of mobile services implemented by multi-sectoral teams. Interviews with donors in Juba revealed that some of them require that the nutrition interventions that they fund are ‘paired’ with a WASH intervention, either within the same implementing agent or through a partnership between organisations.


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